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The platform Bibahabd allows members to search, communicate, interact and finally find the right person for them or their loved ones.

We at Bibahabd Muslim Matrimonial Service in Bangladesh believe that marriages are made in heaven and we only intend in realizing those dreams.

It is a site for the generation of today and the future. We believe in the importance of making the right choice, for a marriage to last.

In this age of Information Technology, this decision needs to be made on the basis of sound information.

Bibahabd is founded on the main objective to provide its members with a secured environment and expanded opportunities in finding their potential life partners thus helping them in making the right choice.

সিঙ্গেল মাদার, সিঙ্গেল ফাদার, পাত্র পাত্রী

ডিভোর্স / বিচ্ছেদ বা দূর্ঘটনায় অকাল মৃত্যুর পর বিভিন্ন বয়সের প্রতিষ্ঠিত অনেক ব্যাক্তি সন্তান সহ নিঃসঙ্গ হয়ে পড়েন।

এমন নিঃসঙ্গতার যন্ত্রনা কেবল তারাই ( সিঙ্গেল মাদার, সিঙ্গেল ফাদার, পাত্র পাত্রী) উপলব্ধী করেন যারা এই পরিস্থিতির মধ্য দিয়ে সময় অতিবাহিত করছেন।

তারা না পারছেন এই যন্ত্রনাগুলো অন্যকে বলতে বুঝাতে –
না পারেন নিজেকে পুনরায় প্রস্তুত করতে। আর এই ধরনের মানুষদের জন্য যোগ্যসঙ্গী খুঁজে পাওয়াও একটি চ্যালেঞ্জ হয়ে পড়ে।

বিবাহবিডি’তে রয়েছে এমন –
হাজারো  সিঙ্গেল মাদার, সিঙ্গেল ফাদার, পাত্র পাত্রী, একক অভিভাবক  পাত্র পাত্রীর প্রোফাইল।

প্রত্যেকের সামাজিক ষ্টেটাস, পারিবারিক মূল্যবোধ, নিজস্ব চাহিদা ও পছন্দেও রয়েছে ভিন্নতা।

সিঙ্গেল মাদার

আমরা চ্যালেঞ্জ নিচ্ছি –
আপনার পরিবারে বা পরিচিতদের মাঝে যদি এমন কেউ থেকে থাকেন তাহলে আপনি নিশ্চিতে বিবাহবিডিতে রেজিষ্ট্রেশন করতে বলুন।

আমরা কনফিডেন্সের সাথে বলতে চাই, চাহিদা অনুযায়ী অবশ্যই সঠিক সঙ্গী বিবাহবিডি আপনাকে নিশ্চিত করবে।

শুধু বিবাহবিডিতে রেজিষ্ট্রেশন করুন
অথবা আমাদের ফোন করে আপনার চাহিদার কথা বলুন।

বিবাহবিডি ডট কম
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Best Matchmaker in Bangladesh | Bibahabd

Bibahabd is the Best Matchmaker in Bangladesh for highly qualified, well known business class, industrialists and professionals like –

Doctors, Engineers, MBA, CA, Higher middle class to high profile business group. Elite class specialized for ultra rich family & Top 100 Bangladeshi families and all Hindus, Muslim, Cristian & Buddhist.

” When two souls meet each other, it removes all the barriers of castes and religions.

As long as the person is right, other factors are immaterial.

It’s true love that brings two people together and creates a happy world. “

Online Matrimonial System provide platform to a lot of Bride and Groom for finding perfect match. The main objective of Online Matrimonial System is to provide Grooms and Brides with excellent matchmaking experience by exploring the opportunities and resources to meet true to potential partner.

Bibahabd is the Best Matchmaker in Bangladesh for highly qualified, well known business class, industrialists and professionals.
Muslim Matrimony Bangladesh | Bibahabd

The drawback of existing system is that searching a good life partner in this world is the times Consuming and cost effective. Bibahabd matrimonial system is used to overcome these drawbacks.

It is said that today online matrimonial business is doing business of more than 100 crore. Therefore many branches and centers are open up in different areas all over the Bangladesh. 

Online Matrimonial Service Bibahabd websites are emerging as a major brand and developing into better form, keeping the needs and requirements of the applicants.

Various sections of profiles of an individual:
· Contact profile
· Work/career profile
· Location profile
· Physical profile
· Religious profile
· Community profile
· Personality profile
· Family profile

Photographs / documents support

In Online Matrimonial, the analysis are done by interest of attitudes of prospect profiles from similar social strata towards caste, marriage, family life, and the opposite sex, occupation, education and many other details.

With the increasing technology and convergence of media, the marriage making process has reached to the stage where marriage matchmaking search is a easy process and tradition is marketed in media with the help of matrimonial advertisements and online matrimonial.

Though there are new modern ways like matrimonial websites to seek mates online, but still there persists the traditional ideals like caste, profession, class, international exposure and the stereotyped physical features.

Arranged Marriage Statistics Bangladesh:

  • 55% of the marriages that occur in the world today are arranged marriages.
  • The rate of arranged marriages in Bangladesh is 90%.
  • In an arranged marriage, the man is usually 4.5 years older than the woman in the formed relationship.
  • 48% of the girls who are involved in an arranged marriage in Bangladesh are under the age of 18.
  • The divorce rate in Bangladesh is just 1.1%.
  • In some countries, the man or woman can refuse a selected spouse.

In the new era, vast popularity of internet users has made online matchmaking increasingly popular in Bangladesh.

It became a tool to search for prospective partners. It provides the comfort and choice of millions of prospects and much more information about a prospect.

In future, market continues to evolve, bring in more customers and serve to new generations, online matrimony will continue to thrive in Bangladesh for a very long time to come.

You can visit Bibahabd for more information and browse for matrimonial services.

Single Mother in Bangladesh

A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people refusing to give up.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person, but, sometimes things may not end up as one has always dreamed.

Single Mother in Bangladesh | What if that give up phase comes up? Sometimes people do face situations that they never dreamed of, that breaks their soul. But is it the end of someone’s life? Should someone put a full stop to our hopes, ambition, and especially to parenthood.

Single Mother | Single parents, especially moms, face a number of challenges every day across the globe and especially in Bangladesh.


This article is just an attempt to cover all the griefs and challenges of a single mother.

Single Mother | Bangladesh

Some women opt for single motherhood, while the majority of them are divorced mothers or widows.

In our patriarchal society, where some people shout that women have now received much more rights than before under the name of feminism, which is, in my belief, a right that women should not ask for or feel entitled to use –

it’s their fundamental right and women are just snatching back their freedom from this patriarchal society.

Maybe feminism, sometimes, has been misused but is it right to generalize it under the topic feminism and suppress the whole movement?

While some women have successfully recognized their fundamental rights and are raising their voices against their suppression, some ladies, at this present era, are suffering silently and paying an emotional cost to start an independent life after marriage, raise their child without a father or even think smoothly of a second marriage.

No one knows the fate of a relationship. It becomes really hard for a single parent to raise up a child all on his/her own.

Apart from social stigma, there are a lot more challenges like:- Financial pressure- Confronting the child- Depression and anxiety- Work/life Balance.- Hard to find reliable childcare support.

Single parents already face too many problems, and talking especially about single mothers, here are some challenges they face every day in Bangladeshi society:

  • Lack of a support system
    Besides being the sole breadwinners, they have to take care of their children and mana a home single-handedly. Other than the financial challenges, being a single mother is also emotionally draining and stressful.

    The sense of loneliness is enhanced when the workplace environment is unpleasant and not accommodating.
  • High vulnerability and being judge
    In Bangladesh, where patriarchy is quite prevalent, a single mother is treated differently from someone who has a husband.

    Single moms often face illicit approaches by other men, ranging from mild flirtations to subtle hints to sexual harassment.
    It becomes particularly disturbing for those women who have been victims of harassment, abuse, and domestic violence.

    This adds to their stress and they often don’t share their grievances with anyone, fearing being judged. “Being single doesn’t mean that we are available.

    It’s important that the way single mothers are perceived in society should change.

    Rather than considering a single mother weak, it’s high time society starts looking at our strengths. Even today, single mothers find it difficult to accept their status in an open forum, because people tend to judge.

    A divorcee is often judged for her character because, in a patriarchal set-up, women are expected to accept men the way they are.

    It doesn’t matter if the husbands are drunkards, gamblers, or womanizers,
    ” says Dhaka-based Kulsom Akter Dipa, who parted ways with her husband many years ago. “I am happy being single, rather than being cheated on,” she adds.

Another single mother, Nusrat Sultana Tanni, says, “Women in Bangladesh and everywhere, are constantly judged.

I have been called strong, willful, headstrong, weak, unsteady, and been pitied. In turn, people have also assumed that I cannot sustain relationships, I am fast/ have a loose character, etc.

I have been cautioned not to post too many pictures on Facebook that show me ‘partying’ or having a good time –

lest people think I am neglecting my child. Patriarchy is age-old and deeply entrenched in most of us, else would we even get married or utter vows to love, honor, and obey?

Single Mother Bangladesh
Single Mother Bangladesh Bride Groom | Bibahabd

Despite many examples of strong single mothers, women ably and single-handedly raising their children in Bangladesh today, she is still expected to be ‘sanskaari’, waiting for the next man/ marriage, and made the butt of jokes and snide remarks.”

City-based media professional, Riya (Not Actual Name), shares, “I often face this (being approached by men), but since I have been a single mom for a while, I know how to overcome such situations.

I chose the path (single motherhood) for a reason and I have proven to the world that I’m a confident woman, who can fight all the challenges with a smile on my face.”

  • Social pressures of getting married
    Many single mothers have experienced that in Bangladesh, there’s always the pressure of getting married. “Society conveniently ignores the complex family bond that might get created if a single mother remarries.

    It’s (remarriage) a risk, which may work or may fail miserably. But as a single parent, unsolicited advice is bound to come your way,” says Dr. Noor.

    Single mothers are becoming frequent in present Bangladesh with the ongoing globalization, urbanization, and more recently on account of raped or unmarried women willing to bring up their child all on their own.

    On their way to parenting, women have to face various hardships from the Government administration, schools, and most importantly from the patriarchal society like:

    All forms mandate that the father’s name be written who is considered the ‘first guardian’ of the child. Divorced women are seen with contempt by the neighborhood while a widow is sympathized instead of empathetic.

    Single woman is harassed expecting her weak to react. Some unmarried women are even forced to leave the child in an orphanage or face ostracization by their own family or society.

    The child is also at times ill-treated on account of having no father.
    Her friendship with male colleagues has seen with suspicion and her character assassinated.

    Financial troubles as they are the sole breadwinner of the family.
    Sometimes face emotional trauma as they have no one to share their problems with.

    Bangladeshi society has traditionally laid more emphasis on the “ideal family led by father” than on individual choice. Hemmed with the global current of change, the patriarchal society is yet to adjust to the concept of single mothers.

    The reaction of conservative elements has been severe, and sometimes even humiliating. The single women, whether unwed or divorced, are seen with distrust and considered incapable of handling relationships.

    They are often also discriminated against in career opportunities.

    Till recently, such discrimination even had a legal sanction. The Guardianship and Wards act denied single mothers complete guardianship of their children and put them at the mercy of the unconcerned child’s father.

    The challenge of demolishing deep-seated patriarchies in society will require far more than legal tinkering. It calls for a change in the mental attitude of society.

Best Matrimony Service in Bangladesh

Pioneer Bangladeshi Matrimonial Website BibahaBD is the Best Matrimony Service in Bangladesh process of getting married between two people. These types of activities are done by matrimonial companies.

BIBAHABD is a Online Marriage consultant do the job very smartly. You can easily contact with Bibahabd Leading Online Marriage Media and Best Online Matrimony Service in Bangladesh founded 2007 under a group of company.

You will be able to communicate directly with the Bride/Groom or guardian by looking at the profile (Bio Data with photo) of the Bride or Groom as per the demand and it will be done in the fastest time.

Why Bibahabd is the Best Matrimony Service in Bangladesh & What kind of profile will you get?

  • Three Layer Verified Profiles
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  • World Wide Bangladeshi NRB
    or Expatriate living in about 150 countries of the world.
  • In addition, there are some special search categories in the such as
    Disability search (those with physical or health disabilities)
  • Single father / Single mother search (divorce or widowed and have child).


Why find a bride | groom from Bibahabd

Life is a gift like onetime offer; for a happy and beautiful life wants a beautiful soul mate at all. Search the numerous profiles and reach the right conclusion through Bibahabd, find out for yourself and contact with the Bride Groom or their guardians directly. The cost is much lower as there is no hassle of Privacy violation.

For those who are separated or already divorced in their married life, there is a Marital Status Search option “Easy Search” where it is easy to find Divorce, Widowed, Separated with [Single Father], [Single Mother] profiles.

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Bangladeshi Matrimony | Bibahabd Since 2007
Bangladeshi Matrimony | Bibahabd Since 2007

Reliability and Trustworthiness Since individuals are entering their profiles personally it provides high reliability
Verification Of Profiles Select profiles can be verified by Team
Meeting responsible for “private matrimonial discussion” only for Matchmaking Member.
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